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Anglers Against Litter

Gilling West Fly Fishers actively support the Angling Trust campaign Anglers Against Litter. Individual members pick up litter when they find it on the river bank or beck side whilst out fishing or when out walking along riverside paths. We paricipate in the litter picking activities of other clubs on major rivers such as the Tees and the Ure but also on the many smaller rivers and becks that exist in our countryside.

Protecting the Environment

Members of Gilling West Fly Fishers are committed to protecting the environment. Litter is a major concern for us both as anglers and as responsible citizens. Litter is an increasing problem on our land, in our waterways and in the sea. Plastics are a particular problem. Discarded plastic bags and broken glass pose as risk to wild animals and livestock.

Our club supports the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency in their efforts to combat litter.

For more information about what anglers are doing nationally go to Anglers Against Litter.