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Spring Into Fishing

Spring into Fishing is a nationwide series of completely FREE fishing events, with supporting videos and activation to help beginner anglers access free angling instruction, tackle, bait and local fishing information then take their next steps on to a summer full of fishing opportunities this year.
Experience first-hand how fun, inexpensive and accessible fishing is, and how it's good for your wellbeing to get outside next to water and simply tune-in to the peace and quiet of nature.
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Spring Into Fishing

Free help and advice

We can help you to get started by offering free advice on equipment and clothing, where to fish, obtaining permits etc. We can introduce you to experienced anglers who can give you advice and possibly even take you out fishing. Angling is for everyone. If you enjoy being outdoors, love wildlife and the countryside, want to make new friends then please get in touch using the email address below. There is absolutely no obligation to join our club.

How to start game fishing.

How to start coarse fishing.

How to start sea fishing.