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Crayfish in Gilling Beck

There are large numbers of Crayfish in Gilling Beck. The predominant species are the American Signal Crayfish. This is an invasive species which is detremental to the local environment. These creatures burrow into the bankside which can eventually collapse. They spread crayfish plague, eat invertibrates, native crayfish and fish eggs. They are are prolific breeders and rapidly colonise new areas.


It is illegal to trap or remove Crayfish without a licence from the Environment Agency and without permission from the riparian owner and the owner of the fishing rights.

Any Crayfish taken out of Gilling Beck must either be killed immediately where they were brought out of the water or put back alive in the same place.

It is an offence to trap Crayfish in Gilling Beck and to do so could result in prosecution and a heavy fine.

Please refer to the following information sheets for more information:

American Signal Crayfish

Crayfish management

Signal Crayfish

White Clawed Crayfish

White Clawed Crayfish Management